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Custom Wheels & Tires

At Longview Wheel and Performance we promise to supply a product that will last – just like our name! We have been providing tire, wheel and customization services to the Longview community since the 1970s and we don’t plan on stopping now. Sure, we care about how your car looks – but we want to make sure it performs, too. Our team of professionals is here to take their years of experience and knowledge and apply it to your vehicle. There is no doubt that the quality workmanship available at Longview Wheel and Performance is the best to be found.

Lift Kits and Mud Tires

Have you just purchased a brand new jeep or pickup truck that you would like to show off around town? Or maybe your older SUV has been sitting in the driveway too long and your 16 year old son is ready to introduce her to the mud. Whatever the occasion, Longview Wheel and Performance is your one stop shop for customized lift kits, wheels and tires. We can put a lift on almost any type of vehicle. We will make sure that it is ready to both cruise the downtown streets and take on old dirt roads. Bring your vehicle to us today and we we'll give it a once-over to provide an estimate on parts and cost.

Custom Wheels and Tires

Whether you are looking for mud tires for you SUV or road tires for your family Impala, we're your one stop shop. We will custom fit your new tires and wheels to your car for optimum performance. You can purchase a complete set and have them installed all in the same place. Call us or stop by today!

Customization at an Affordable Price

If you haven’t come by the shop in a while we suggest you do so: We have recently received a facelift and are able to complete more projects than ever, right here in the shop. With this in mind you won’t have to worry about your car being sent somewhere else to get a special part to complete a portion of your full customization. We make sure that every car driven out of our shop is not only complete with what the customer wanted but that every part has been installed correctly. You need to be able to rely on your car to get you safely from one place to the other and we make that a priority.


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