Truck SUV Lifts in Longview, TX

Truck SUV Lifts in Longview, TX

When talking about aftermarket modifications, lift kits come up near the top of the list. A lift kit can do more than just enhance the performance of a vehicle – it can also make it look better. We install lift kits on both trucks and SUVs. When installing a lift kit on your truck or SUV there are a few things you should know.

There Are Two Types of Lifts

Body Lifts and Suspension Lifts

  • Body lifts allow the body of truck to be lifted off its frame. A body lift tends to create a larger wheel well and allows for bigger tires on the vehicle. Although the vehicle is technically lifted, it does not change the vehicle’s ground clearance.
  • Suspension lifts, on the other hand, do increase a vehicle's ground clearance. This is the type of lift that you may want for your truck or 4x4 SUV. When installing a suspension lift, the front and back shocks and leaf springs will need to be replaced. A suspension lift can lift a stock vehicle anywhere from 4 to 6 inches. Warning: suspension lifts do drastically impact driveability and can cause the vehicle to be top-heavy.

Do I Need a Wheel Adaptor?

Longview Wheel and Performance works with each customer to determine whether or not this part will be needed with their lift. A wheel adaptor or spacer might be needed with a suspension lift. Sometimes with these particular types of lifts the wheels can rub on the inside body and/or frame of the car. Leave this up to the professionals at Longview Wheel and Performance – we complete all of our lifts with your best interests in mind. None of the details will be overlooked.

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